Cheap Towing  Services in Calgary

Everybody sometimes encounter situation where he or she needs to have their car transported to different locations. It might happen in case of accident, where the car is stuck in the middle of road, and must be picked up. In such cases, you should call the cheap tow truck service of Calgary, which, aside of being professional and licensed business, also employs the best and professional people. Towing is often associated with personal transportation of the car, although not always. Professional and cheap tow truck services will certainly do a meticulous work such as that.

24h towing:

  •         Emergency towing
  •         Flatbed towing
  •         Tow dolly
  •         Long distance car tow
  •         Wrecker Service
  •         Light to medium duty towing
  •         Local towing

Is there more than one option for towing a car?

There is more than one option for tow truck, frequently use in a daily towing working day. The common type of tow truck is a flatbed. This device features a platform which can be inclined the proper angel and reach the ground – thus being able to let the vehicle be pulled in and rest on the flat plain of the truck. A winch is often used, if the vehicle cannot get started and drive onward to the flatbed.

The evolution of the modern towing truck

Boom tucks – this is another type of tow truck, used by any good cheap tow truck service. It features a boom winch, which is adjustable and used to recover cars which have rolled in a ditch or places which are unreachable by regular tow trucks. Another kind of tow truck is the kind which features chains and a hook that are places around the car. The technicians use a boom winch to keep the chains tight and close together. These two types are getting less and less commonly used, since they might scratch parts of the car, such as the bumpers; they are still used by the profession Calgary cheap tow truck service, but only in special cases (such an incident where there are more than one tire lost).

An additional technology has been developed from the model of hook and chain, creating the truck of wheel-life tow. A metal piece is used under the rear or front wheels of the car to be towed; the car is than raised above the ground lever so it can be towed.

The modern integrated tow truck, which is commonly used by the professional and licensed Calgary company, a cheap tow truck service – the same tow truck  which evolved by integrating the previous mention two types of truck.