Minimizing Driving Distractions Can Save Your Life

Minimizing Driving Distractions Can Save Your Life

Driving distractions do not escape any driver—they are literally everywhere and if not avoided, ignored, or tolerated, can cause minor to major driving accidents. We at Swift Towing care for all our Calgary customers’ safety, so we’ve rounded up some of the most common driving distractions and how you can deal with them.

Texting/Checking Directions on The Phone

Texting while driving is probably the most common driving distraction and obviously the most dangerous one as well. Many road accidents and injuries have been caused by looking down on a phone, squinting to see who texted…and many drivers find it hard to resist the text tone signaling that someone has a message for them. When this happens to you, learn to call yourself out on it and put your phone on the passenger’s seat, or somewhere else unreachable like the glove compartment (make sure to pull over before doing this, though). Follow this simple tip and save your own (and your family and friends’) life.

Having a Pet Inside The Car

Pets, no matter how big or how small, can’t resist making noise or being too fidgety when put inside a moving vehicle. Put your pets in the back seat, preferably in a cage or their basket. When your pet is making too much commotion, pull over to the side of the road and calm your pet down. Following this tip makes that trip to the vet a lot less stressful and 100% safe.

Starting Fights/Arguments in The Car

Settling an argument or fight with a loved one has never been an easy feat. It definitely isn’t advisable when you’re driving down the road and have to focus on making sure that you stay on your lane, look out for oncoming traffic, be prepared to make turns, and so on. Being in a fight gets you not only emotionally invested, but it also tends to incite a lot of gestures and looking across at the person you’re fighting with. The next thing you know, you’re slamming into the car in front of you. Avoid it as much as possible!

We advise you to save the fight for later and concentrate on getting home safely before resolving conflicts.

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