Swift Towing - Get to Know us

What do you know about towing? Probably that it’s not very much fun and you’re only looking for it when you’re in an emergency. What do we know about towing? Almost Everything! Including the fact that towing doesn’t have to be a bothersome emergency solution. Here at Swift Towing, we’re not only available to you for any accident or emergency help 24/7, but we’re available to provide you full towing services, local or long distance. Having been a part of the Calgary community for many years our team, along with our network of independently owned and licensed affiliates, is proud to serve the drivers we share the roads with. If you really want to get to know who we look around, we’re your neighbors—the ones with the really big trucks!

The Team

The Swift Towing team has many years of experience driving and utilizing tow truck equipment to provide a complete picture of professional service and make your troubles as stress-free as possible. Whether it’s large tasks like loading up a half-ton truck onto the back of our heavy-duty tow trucks or helping to unlock a car door there is no job we at Swift Towing consider too big or too small for the team. Highly trained, certified, licensed and insured you can trust this team of towing professionals to have your back. We’ll never pass the buck to you, we’re ready to take responsibility for a situation and get you out of it safely. Safety is our priority, which is why we advise our customers to call us at any time night or day, don’t let yourself get stranded in a parking lot or on the side of the road. The entire team (day and night shifts included) is trustworthy and dedicated to true service.

Doing Our Part

Everyone has a role to play and we know what ours is! We keep the roads safe, and the Calgary drivers on them even safer. Our services are more involved than just sending wreckers after accident clean up. You can call Swift Towing for roadside assistance day and night. That includes jumping dead batteries, unlocking locked cars and jammed trunk locks, helping to fix flat tires and filling empty gas tanks. A job well done is one where we get you back on the road, driving away. Each truck is equipped with the latest software and equipment necessary to get the job done right and quickly. Of course, our competent technicians are also fully trained in accident recovery. With our fast response time and honest pricing policies, we intend to ease the burdens of emergencies.

So what do you know about towing? With Swift Towing on your side, you only have to know one number and you know it all! Keep our information in your car and you’ll never be stranded again. Just call (587) 315-1540 to get a hold of our Calgary dispatch and get immediate help sent on their way.