Top 5 Rules for a Towing Truck Driver

Top 5 Rules for a Towing Truck Driver

Finishing the call with the dispatcher I had 30 minutes to get to the site, checking the address on my GPS I realized that I could be there in 10. It was really early in the morning and I had just started my shift. It was my first call of the day. Driving along the streets of Calgary on my way to the call I ran the 5 basic towing rules of Swift Towing through in my head:

The Rules Are:

1. Customers first – get to the customers fast (but safe) and find a solution to their problem as quickly as possible.
2. Roadworthiness – our trucks are always well maintained.
3. Preparation – our trucks are always equipped with the latest equipment allowing us to do our jobs in the best way.
4. Safety – we must always protect our safety and that of our customers.
5. Permits – always make sure that our permits are in the truck and can be easily shown when necessary.

Just like every other day, remembering the rules on my first call keeps me focused and it makes sure that I am prepared for the day ahead.

I reached the site on time, quicker than the time Swift Towing had promised, and was happy to see that it was nothing serious. I have worked as a tow operator for many years and am used to winter call, people sliding in the snow. Luckily it was quite a clear day for this time of the morning and would probably be easy to get the job done. The driver had slid off the road into a ditch and I would have to get him out and make sure that he could drive, if not tow him to the shop.

I pulled up to the site and assessed what I would need to do to get the car back on the road. I was happy to notice that it hadn’t snowed much since the car got into the ditch, so there wasn’t much snow buildup to remove. I was also happy that there wasn’t much traffic in that area, especially not at that time of the morning, so it would be safe to winch the car out. I attached the winch cable and it didn’t take too long to get the car back on the road and the appreciative driver was able to continue driving.